Thursday, 24 March 2011

Final Major Project...

So, im in the middle of doing my final major project. Scary!!
Thought id post a few images to show how im getting on!

These are my two mood boards. They arent complete just
yet but shall be very soon!!

Ive chosen to design knit samples for fashion.
These can then be used for both male and female!
Ive chosen a military theme. Once again i have gone out
and taken photos. I went to the North East Aircraft Museum,
Sunderland to take my photos. (Very inspiring!!)
Rather than designg my patterns then knitting them up, ive chosen to knit
my designs and write my patterns down at the same time. (Gets quite confusing!!)

Ive chosen blacks, greys, blues and purples as my colour palette.
I think this could get quite interesting!

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