Wednesday, 30 March 2011


I loveee using Texere Yarns.
They have a huge variety of different types of yarns such as silks, wools,
alpaca and acrylics.
Good value and quality too!!
I decided to use silks, linens and cotton yarns for my final
major project.
I like how the hard silks compliment the soft linens.

These are a few of the yarns i am using in this project.

Ive been busy trying to dye up my yarns.
Ive been knitting samples then dyeing them and also
putting the yarn into skeins and then dyeing those before
knitting them up.
They take soo long to dry!
It will be worth it in the end though.

These are some skeins of yarns i dyed up in a black acid dye bath.
They havent turned out black but i do love the
colour its turned out especially since
 purple is in my colour palette.

This is a knitted up sample which i dyed in the same
dye bath as the skeins.
I love how the different types of yarns have all dyed differently.
I found the silks dyed darker than the linens and cottons.

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