Monday, 2 May 2011

Final Pieces...

Im using the French knitting technique to create a scarf
as part of my final collection.
Its a quick and interesting way to create knit!

I made my french knitting hoop just by using celotape
with pins sticking out from the cardboard. Ive also made
one out of a bobbin and pins.
This will then help me get the different shapes and sizes
of my knit! :D

Monday, 18 April 2011


These are just a few photos ive taken for
my photobook.
Cant wait for it to come to see what it looks like :D

Cushion, 2nd year work. 

Chairs, Major Project, 2nd Year.

Final Major Project Samples...


Wednesday, 13 April 2011


In the middle of applying for my PGCE
Its rather scary stuffs!!
Fingers crossed all goes well!!

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Dye, dye and more dye...

So, i spent all yesterday afternoon in the dye lab
dyeing up more skeins.
I love dyeing my yarns and getting all kind of crazy effects,
despite always ending up with bright blue hands.
I was pretty impressed with the outcome of all the bright colours!!
I tried the navy and black dye bath again.
As well as trying out an emerald and black dye bath and a antique gold
dye bath.
These worked out pretty well too!

Black and navy dye bath.

Antique gold dye bath.
Once ive knitted this yarn im then going to redye it to
see what effect i can get from it.

Emerald green and black dye bath.
I love how bright the blues are and how pristine the whites are.
I cant wait to get it knitted up!

Ive chosen bright colours and tried to work out interesting ways
in which i could dye them.
Since my knits are plain and simple i dont want a flat colour,
i want colours and patterns that will give my knits an edge!
I have also decided to knit and design garments and accessories for 
my finals instead of knitting flat samples.
I cant wait to see how things go!!

Monday, 4 April 2011

Dye Lab...

So, ive been busy this week in the dye lab getting some more
samples and skeins dyed up.
Skeining up the yarns first though takes forever!!
I wanted a navy dye bath so used a Deep Navy acid dye.
Then it turned out purple, again!!

These are the navy skeins. They do look navy in the photo.
I liked how the silks dyed. I must have skeined the yarn up
to tight as the dye didnt get through to the middle where the yarn
twisted together.
I think this made a really nice effect and loved the patchyness of it.

Patchy skeins.

I tried to get a navy colour so mixed the Deep Navy with an
Intense Black dye. The results of that were Navy!!
Navy Skeins.

Worst thing about skeining and dyeing the yarns up,
is then unravelling them!!
It takes soo long unravelling and balling it all up! :(


Is freaking out at the fact fmp hand in is six weeks today!! =/

Wednesday, 30 March 2011


I loveee using Texere Yarns.
They have a huge variety of different types of yarns such as silks, wools,
alpaca and acrylics.
Good value and quality too!!
I decided to use silks, linens and cotton yarns for my final
major project.
I like how the hard silks compliment the soft linens.

These are a few of the yarns i am using in this project.

Ive been busy trying to dye up my yarns.
Ive been knitting samples then dyeing them and also
putting the yarn into skeins and then dyeing those before
knitting them up.
They take soo long to dry!
It will be worth it in the end though.

These are some skeins of yarns i dyed up in a black acid dye bath.
They havent turned out black but i do love the
colour its turned out especially since
 purple is in my colour palette.

This is a knitted up sample which i dyed in the same
dye bath as the skeins.
I love how the different types of yarns have all dyed differently.
I found the silks dyed darker than the linens and cottons.