Monday, 4 April 2011

Dye Lab...

So, ive been busy this week in the dye lab getting some more
samples and skeins dyed up.
Skeining up the yarns first though takes forever!!
I wanted a navy dye bath so used a Deep Navy acid dye.
Then it turned out purple, again!!

These are the navy skeins. They do look navy in the photo.
I liked how the silks dyed. I must have skeined the yarn up
to tight as the dye didnt get through to the middle where the yarn
twisted together.
I think this made a really nice effect and loved the patchyness of it.

Patchy skeins.

I tried to get a navy colour so mixed the Deep Navy with an
Intense Black dye. The results of that were Navy!!
Navy Skeins.

Worst thing about skeining and dyeing the yarns up,
is then unravelling them!!
It takes soo long unravelling and balling it all up! :(

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